Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mandatory introduction post

First of all, fancy meeting you all here (that is such a weird sentence to write when I know that at the moment no one is reading this blog, haha, I hope that'll change.. but it's still weird)! Welcome and hopefully you'll enjoy your stay!

If you're reading this, you probably know who I am, but in case you're someone who just happened to stumble upon this blog one beautiful (or ugly, I don't discriminate) day and thought that "oh hey, they seem awesome, I shall stalk them from now on" (sorry, no, I don't think you're a stalker, that's not funny, 'follow' is just such a boring word) a short introduction is in order. My name is Heini, I'm 23 years old (like my profile says) and I'm from Finland. I'm studying in Turku at the moment, in the university of Turku, general history being my major (contemporary history, general linguistics and as of this fall, psychology, are my minors) and this is technically my fourth year, although practically it's my fifth, but, it's complicated, details details, fourth is great.

Besides studying I sing in the university's choir, and on my free time (I don't count singing in the choir as an activity I do on my free time because it's so much like a job, in a way, 'cause it takes lots of time and devotion and there are consequences if you  miss too many practices, so yeah, but I still love it, don't get me wrong, it's the best hobby ever!) I like to draw, play video games, watch various TV shows (mostly American or British) and many movies, and sat on my laptop many hours per day. Mostly reading fanfics or keeping in contact with my international friends, and Finnish friends also, since many of them live far far away :'( it's sad. But yeah, I might spend too much time on my computer, occasionally, sometimes, daily.

Also, still talking about my hobbies, I have quite recently found out about customizing dolls, like Barbie or Monster High dolls, and I've tried it once already, on one of my old Barbies, which proved to be really fun, like not ha ha fun, but inspiring and exciting. So I'm going to try it again - I have a Moxie doll that has been waiting for a new face for a couple of months already, and I also have one Monster High doll that I'm going to repaint after the Moxie, so yay! Now I just need to find my damn paintbrushes because somehow I've managed to LOSE them. Talking about the mother of all misplacings, my apartment is 28 square meters, how can you lose something so thoroughly in a space like that?! It has to be there somewhere, 'cause I'm at my parents' place in Salo at the moment and I haven't seen the case for the brushes here either.

BUT OKAY, enough about that, that introduction is longer than necessary already.

I created this blog for few reasons; a.) I suck at keeping in contact with friends that live far away, especially if they live in other countries, and I suck at using facebook for keeping in contact, so I'm going to write about my life here, what's happening, what I'm doing, how I'm doing, and I'll give the address to this blog to those friends who life far far away (yes, you guys I met during my exchange in US, I'm looking at you now) and then, ta-dah, they know what's going on in my life and in exchange I hope, very much, that they'll share here in comments how they are doing in turn, and maybe it'll change things and I won't suck at keeping in contact so badly anymore, I hope! Of course, I don't expect anyone to read EVERYTHING I write here ('cause those who know me and writing, they know my entries tend to be... humongous, so it'd be unfair to expect people to read everything I write), it's completely their own choice if they want to read or not, but if they want to, they now how a possibility to do so, and even if they don't read everything I hope they'll comment with how they are doing, because... yeah, I want to know how my friends are doing and I in all honesty hate facebook, it's really impersonal, but at the moment it's basically the only method I can be in contact with some of my friends (since I also suck at using skype, I'm trying to improve in that though).

Okay, reason b.) I need a place to rant about my real life. I have an LJ account (Livejournal for those who're confused) but LJ is kinda dead at the moment, and that blog I reserve mostly for my fandom stuff and I try to keep it free from TOO much real life ranting. Sometimes I just really feel like writing a diary entry about my day, or how I'm feeling, or what's stressing me out and what's making me really happy, I want a place where I can share that with people, even if they don't comment or even properly read, there might be someone who does read everything and I feel better thinking that someone does, because I have no patience to write private entries that I know no one will ever read. Obviously that means that I'm not going to write absolutely everything here, a girl has to have her secrets, and there're things I'm not comfortable writing for the public eye to see, but there're more things I want to write for somebody else to see too than things I want to keep private, so.

Reason c.) do I have a reason c.)... I can't remember right now if I had a reason c.) or not, so we'll skip that.

What you'll probably find in this blog, is mostly rambling about my real life, I'm quite sure. Probably some drawings too, photos of random stuff, my progress when I start to repaint those dolls again, probably, lots of different kinds of stuff. IF I actually manage to keep this alive, haha, 'cause if you know me at all, you know that I'm not exactly famous for updating my blogs regularly, not even talking about keeping them at least alive. I get excited about things easily (like, for example, creating a new blog!), but when the time comes to actually continue doing the thing I started off eagerly, I.. am not great at it, let's put it that way :'D;.

Maybe that's enough for an introductory post? I guess those are at least the most important things. I'll possibly add a list about things like TV shows I'm interested in later, if I think it'll be beneficial in a way or another, but this is it for now.

Have any questions? Please ask, I'm more than happy to help any way I can, and I know my ramblings can get confusing, so hit me. If everything's clear, I hope you'll enjoy what you'll find here in the future, and thanks for reading, it's really appreciated .

See you next time!


  1. Why was I not linked to this blog when you created it?? Or is it possible you sent me the link and I somehow forgot about it? I dunno.


    Write more entries I am SUPER INTERESTED in your everyday life :D


    1. WOW, you're such a ninja, I've no idea how you even found this! Not that it's a bad thing, no, that wasn't an accusation, I'm just surprised at your secret ninja skills :'D. And I'm sorry, I was going to give you a link to this or make a post in my LJ and put a link there, but first I wanted to see if I could actually keep it alive and, ehh, you know me, see how actively I've updated it, so I kinda buried the idea of sharing this to people until I could get a grip and would start updating for real.

      BUT I WAS GOING TO GIVE YOU A LINK. Sorry I'm so bad at updating anything nowadays <x'D. But I'll try to breath some life into this, I definitely am!

      AND AAAAAAAH I HAVEN'T EVEN THANKED YOU YET, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO S O MUCH FOR THE CARD YOU SENT ME ;;u;; aaaaah another of your WONDERFUL landscapes, I was so surprised to get it and it made my day and the whole week aaah!! Seriously, how can you be so amazing? I don't deserve amazing people like you as my friends <3 <3.

      Damnit I'm going to make this blog alive, I AM. If it's the last thing I do!!

    2. Haha, well, you're following my blog from this account, so I just went to your blogs through there : )

      Oh, I get the point, really. Now I'm (kinda) sorry I even said anything. I mean, it might intimidating and I don't want you to feel like you HAVE TO update because of me or anything. It would be really cool if you would update it though, for whatever reason : )

      Oh my, that card is really nothing. I actually ran kinda out of ideas for christmasy things and knew you liked those silly landscape pictures, so... it was really a quickie, which I shouldn't be admitting now that you so nicely thanked me for it. Well... Nevermind that now.
      I was actually feeling bad about sending such a simple "card" but I thought "what the hell, it's just a christmas wish") I'm really glad you liked it.

      Well I'm looking forward to the potential updates then : ) But don't sweat it, if you don't have time, you don't have the time, it's okay : )