Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ahoy ahoy!

Uh, so..

I might've done a thing.

-------> http://varjotta.sarjakuvablogit.com/ <------

Nothing might come out of it, or maybe something will. Who knows.

I'm gonna try anyway!

And it's going to be in English, so, you know, just in case anyone is interested, IF there even is anyone checking on this blog anymore (chances are that there's not).

Yeah, that's all.

Love you, everyone who has ever come here, who has ever commented or just read what I've babbled about <3 I probably won't update this anymore, but never say never, huh? Hope to see you there ^ instead, you're allowed to laugh at me when I fail miserably :'D.

<3 <3 <3

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Haha, well, I'm kind of proud for myself for keeping up the Christmas calendar project as long as I did, then all the exams and other Christmas related stress really struck me and I couldn't function properly anymore, so not really surprised I didn't finish it. Maybe this year? 

The funny thing is, I convinced myself the whole time that yeah, I WILL catch up and I took photos almost every day, sometimes I took two or three photos for those days I had missed, but I never got to posting them in the end. Maybe I will post them at some point.

But hey! New year! A lot has happened already since it FRICKING MARCH. School has happened - because I slacked off last fall I need to get 30 credits this spring, HA HA YAY.. .AWE..some.. eh.. BUT it's fine, I've already got 15 in the bag so only 15 more and even though political science as a subject is sometimes boring as hell, the books are just way too heavy with information, you get so many credits for the courses. I think I get 11 points just for doing two book exams, or 10, I can't remember exactly but I think one of the book exams was 6 credits and the other was either 5 or 4 so.

Also, FUCKING YAY, time to apply for summer jobs, OH HOW I LOVE THIS TIME OF THE YEAR SO. MUCH. I hope you all noticed my subtle sarcasm there. Okay, good, I'll go back to crying in the corner now.

I finally finished Dragon Age II too, sometime in February I think, and oh, I got Lego Marvel Superheros for Christmas and let me tell you, that game is A W E S O M E. I mean, it would be even better if it wasn't a Lego game but just, a regular Marvel adventure game. Lego or not though, I love it, it's just the best. I still have some collecting to do, I've finished the story mode but loooots of collecting to do still. Once I finished DA II I bought Assassin's Creed II (my friends keep telling me 'this second game is way better than the first one, start from that' like happened with DA and now AC haha) and I was reeeally confused when I bought it because the guy at GameStop asked for my ID. I MEAN. No one has EVER asked for my ID when I've bought a game but then again, I probably haven't bought a R18 game before :'D still, it was just incredibly funny to me. And confusing.

Also, not too long ago I bought my friend's old desktop computer so now I have two computeeeers! This one I'm mainly going to use for gaming though and Walle, my dear, lovely, loyal laptop will remain as my number one computer. You (yes, that's the name of the desktop computer) will be for playing - I already have minecraft on it although I haven't had the time to actually start playing it yet with Linda and Katsu (my awesomer than awesome friends), and I'm currently downloading Tera on it too (as I type this, actually, 5 hours and 48 minutes remaining :'DD).

I'll explain about how I name my things another time, for now there has been enough talk so time for some pictures now, here, have my random thoughts and observations of winter.

Yeah, so, I've kind of started to draw a comic diary thing. I do it occasionally, when I feel like it, and I'm not publishing it anywhere, this is the first time and first place I'm publishing a couple of entries from it. :'D I'm a bit nervous, I was quite determined that I wouldn't publish it ever anywhere but oh well, why not, comic blogging is so IN at the moment anyway. Oh and please keep in mind that I haven't exactly spent hours on these, it's not the point, so the result is what it is, not a masterpiece, and it wasn't supposed to be either.

Until next time!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day Ten

AWWW YISS snooooow, I took this photo like the first thing when I woke up! I'm so happ--- no, wait, wait a minute, hold that thought--

Oh, yeah, that's right, the temperature climbed up, it wasn't snowing anymore when I left to my dentist appointment at 3:30 pm, it was RAINING SLUSH and then just plain raining, so BYE SNOW and welcome the crappiest weather and road conditions ever. So, in other words, every fall and spring in Finland.

But I mean, driving when it's snowy or currently raining isn't even that bad.

But when the roads look like THAT? When they're covered in ICE, literally covered, and on top of all WET? Worst driving conditions EVER, and at least we here in Finland and in other Nordic countries are prepared for it, we have proper tyres to deal with roads like that, unlike for example in UK (I think, at least they always show video clips in our News of how the drivers are totally screwed in UK if it snows and the roads get slippery).


Seriously, it's like the scariest fucking thing when you're driving and you can hear how your tyres are spinning furiously but the car isn't moving, or is moving very slowly, like it was when I left from my parking spot in that pic and made a u-turn :'D. It's the sound every driver dreads when they're driving in the city and going uphill, it's a very disconcerting noise even on a flat surface.

SO. Weather conditions News from Finland, over and out! Drive safely out there, kids!

(Road conditions like that make walking like hell too, and even though I have winter tyres in my bike too I'd be terrified to bike on a road that was covered in ice.)

And here's a bonus pic, I'm sorry, this is probably something that only my Finnish followers will understand but I can try to explain!

AND OKAY, maybe it's just me, but I thought this was hilarious when I was walking up the stairs to the dentists' floor :'D. It's an advertisement poster (kinda) for stair-days (when people are encouraged to use the stairs instead of the elevators I assume)! And basically it just says 'you stair user!' in this teasing, playfully accusing manner, but what makes it funny (at least to me) is that they've used a word 'porrastelija' which... is NOT an actual Finnish word x'D and it'd be something like 'stair-er' in English I think, and it was just randomly on the staircase wall and it was so short and ACCUSING and clever and I just had to laugh when I saw it.

Aahh brilliant :'D. And it definitely caught my attention, so well done, whoever made that poster, well done.

//EDIT I'm also still contemplating if I should keep the pictures centered, like they're now, or should I  align them to the left, like the text, so if any of you have any opinions on which alignment would look better, please tell me! Thanks!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Day Nine

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree!

It's a bit early for a live tree to be inside, or at least in our family we bring the tree in not until a few days before Christmas eve, but since I'm not going to be in Turku after next week (probably) I wanted to bring one here now. IT'S MY SUPER CUTE SUPER SMALL CHRISTMAS TREE : DD! It's so small, and so cute, a bigger one wouldn't have fit into my apartment so this was the perfect size :'D. It's not in the best place currently though, I should probably move it, but I just don't know WHERE.

Oh, and it's in a whiskey bottle :'DD not mine, my dad's! He emptied it just conveniently when I went home the last time and we discovered that it'd be a perfect pedestal for the tree, haha! I love my Christmas tree, now I just have to figure out how I'm going to give it more water without all the ornaments on it dropping.....

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day Eight

The lights that were on in the second photo? Here they are now, on my wall above my bed, with my Avengers poster and noteboard and stuff. I really like how they look, I'd like to keep them on when I go to sleep but I doubt that I'd be able to fall asleep with the lights. They're really pretty though, even though not long ago I told one of my friends how I don't really like Christmas lights that have multiple colors - but for some reason I really really like this one. Maybe it depends on how they're set?

I'm kind of in a bad mood, have been the whole day and I probably will be until this one fucking exam is over. I'm so done with reading and schoolwork on the whole and urgh! I'm so done with everything at the moment. 

I'm just going to watch some more episodes from Earth's Mightiest Heroes. That at least temporarily cheers me up.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day Seven

This, my friends, is my snuggly corner of snuggles. It's my throne, it's my sickbed, it's my corner of escapism and procrastination, it's where I spent most of my days. I'm not kidding, if I'm at home I'm most likely snuggled at there whether I'm using my computer, reading, watching TV or playing. Drawing I do at my desk, I've never really gotten the hang of drawing while keeping the sketchbook propped against my legs, for me it just doesn't work, I need a horizontal surface for that.

But yeah, so, I've a divan sofa - or well, just a divan, I guess, you don't need to add 'sofa' there, I think - and the corner of it is just the perfect spot to snuggle up in with my huge fleece blanket, especially since the weather is getting colder. The atmosphere in this pic with the warm glow from my Christmas lights is just perfect to reflect how comfortable I feel when I'm all snuggled up there with the blanket and I thought this could be a nice, relaxing photo for today.

Even though there IS that damn exam book in the photo too, not so relaxing anymore SNIFFLES.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Day Six

Happy Independence Day Finland!!

In four years, in 2017, Finland will turn exactly 100 years! We don't celebrate our Independence Day as fabulously and loudly as the US does for example, but I hope we'll have some special celebrations when Finland turns 100. It'd be awesome, really! I really, really love Finland - even though I'd like to live somewhere else for some time, for some years, I think I'd always want to return here in the end, because even though there're lots of things that absolutely suck here I still feel lucky to have been born here and there're so many things that are awesome here too. I guess that's with all the countries though, but oh well, wherever I'll be in my future I'll always be a Finn, and I'll be proud of it.

Oh, and here, have a bonus pic! I grew kind of frustrated because it wasn't winding enough and the flag mainly just hung there limply, so I had to improvise a bit :'D.

That's better!