Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Picture tiem

New layout I that actually really, really like, yay!

So, I'm actually going to try and get some life into this blog (since, once again, I haven't gotten a summer job, fun, and I'll probably have time to write about my boring life instead) and to succeed in that I'll start easy and post a few photos every now and then! I got inspired by this person who said she has a blog where she only posts photos taken with a cellphone's camera, so I'm going to do the same for a while until I establish some kind of posting rhythm or something :'D? Or until I actually manage to write about something. So, now photos!

My last exam for this semester was last Wednesday and I went to read to the library, this was my view from where I was sitting.

When I was reading in the library on Tuesday two of my friends came to steal me away and we went to a cafe - I took a hot chocolate (so goood and it came with a marshmallow!) and this huuuuuge meringue, they were both awesome *u*.

When my exam was over I had to go and search for shoes to go with my dress for a choir party that was after our concert on Saturday and these were reeeally cute, the colour and the flower thing, and I'd have loved to buy them but ahh, they were a bit too expensive. I STILL LOVE THEM THOUGH AND I DESIRE THEM. SO MUCH.

These were the shoes I bought in the end and I love them too, the colour is really lovely ♥ AND they were cheaper haha :'D.

AS A BONUS, when I was shopping for the shoes I ended up in the electronics department in one store too, as always, and there I found this,

LO AND BEHOLD, Supernatural anime blu-ray. Supernatural anime. I laughed so. hard. and I kinda regret not buying it, it was only 6,99 euros after all. I mean, it's Supernatural anime! I think the back cover even said something about a second season or whatnot. 

More photos hopefully to come soon! ♥

On another note, I DON'T KNOW if I should keep the photos aligned on the left or aling them on the center, like they are now, I've been switching them and staring at the preview page for a while now and I can't deciiiiide. I think I'll leave them like they are now. I'll just switch them again if it starts bothering me too much haha.

On a second another note, now that I switched the text under the photos to be aligned to the center too it.. looks better maybe? OR JUST CONFUSING, because there is now text aligned BOTH on the left of the page and on the center. 
WHY IS BLOGGING SO HARD AND CONFUSING AND FULL OF DECISIONS. Whatever I'll leave them like they're now.

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