Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day One

SOOooo, hey, it's December!

I'm going to try and do a kind of Christmas Calendar thing here by posting one new photo taken with my cellphone every day! I'm so sure I'll utterly forget to do it some day, but I'll try! So here's the first photo for the 1st of December yaaay!

Nella, naturally. Now that I'm visiting my parents most of the photos I've taken are of Nella. We went to look for a suitable Christmas tree earlier today and she of course grew tired and bored soon and while me and my parents stood still judging if a tree someone had picked was too broad or sparce or yellow or one-sided she sat down or laid down, waiting for us to move again. I took so many photos of her sitting here but almost all of them were more or less blurred, this was the single un-blurred one and I guess she looks accurately bored here.

On another note, WHERE THE DAMN IS THE SNOW?! The ground was a little frosty but that's it, and it RAINED when we came back, I WANT SNOOOOWWW!

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