Friday, December 6, 2013

Day Six

Happy Independence Day Finland!!

In four years, in 2017, Finland will turn exactly 100 years! We don't celebrate our Independence Day as fabulously and loudly as the US does for example, but I hope we'll have some special celebrations when Finland turns 100. It'd be awesome, really! I really, really love Finland - even though I'd like to live somewhere else for some time, for some years, I think I'd always want to return here in the end, because even though there're lots of things that absolutely suck here I still feel lucky to have been born here and there're so many things that are awesome here too. I guess that's with all the countries though, but oh well, wherever I'll be in my future I'll always be a Finn, and I'll be proud of it.

Oh, and here, have a bonus pic! I grew kind of frustrated because it wasn't winding enough and the flag mainly just hung there limply, so I had to improvise a bit :'D.

That's better!


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    1. :'DD mä ajattelin kans et tää toimii kun sillon ei sit tuule ku pitäis vaiks muuten kyl kunnon myrskytuulet raivoaa hö!