Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day Ten

AWWW YISS snooooow, I took this photo like the first thing when I woke up! I'm so happ--- no, wait, wait a minute, hold that thought--

Oh, yeah, that's right, the temperature climbed up, it wasn't snowing anymore when I left to my dentist appointment at 3:30 pm, it was RAINING SLUSH and then just plain raining, so BYE SNOW and welcome the crappiest weather and road conditions ever. So, in other words, every fall and spring in Finland.

But I mean, driving when it's snowy or currently raining isn't even that bad.

But when the roads look like THAT? When they're covered in ICE, literally covered, and on top of all WET? Worst driving conditions EVER, and at least we here in Finland and in other Nordic countries are prepared for it, we have proper tyres to deal with roads like that, unlike for example in UK (I think, at least they always show video clips in our News of how the drivers are totally screwed in UK if it snows and the roads get slippery).


Seriously, it's like the scariest fucking thing when you're driving and you can hear how your tyres are spinning furiously but the car isn't moving, or is moving very slowly, like it was when I left from my parking spot in that pic and made a u-turn :'D. It's the sound every driver dreads when they're driving in the city and going uphill, it's a very disconcerting noise even on a flat surface.

SO. Weather conditions News from Finland, over and out! Drive safely out there, kids!

(Road conditions like that make walking like hell too, and even though I have winter tyres in my bike too I'd be terrified to bike on a road that was covered in ice.)

And here's a bonus pic, I'm sorry, this is probably something that only my Finnish followers will understand but I can try to explain!

AND OKAY, maybe it's just me, but I thought this was hilarious when I was walking up the stairs to the dentists' floor :'D. It's an advertisement poster (kinda) for stair-days (when people are encouraged to use the stairs instead of the elevators I assume)! And basically it just says 'you stair user!' in this teasing, playfully accusing manner, but what makes it funny (at least to me) is that they've used a word 'porrastelija' which... is NOT an actual Finnish word x'D and it'd be something like 'stair-er' in English I think, and it was just randomly on the staircase wall and it was so short and ACCUSING and clever and I just had to laugh when I saw it.

Aahh brilliant :'D. And it definitely caught my attention, so well done, whoever made that poster, well done.

//EDIT I'm also still contemplating if I should keep the pictures centered, like they're now, or should I  align them to the left, like the text, so if any of you have any opinions on which alignment would look better, please tell me! Thanks!


  1. Oh gosh, we get that kind of weather here in the Midwest USA and it's so crap. I'll take good old snow over ice and slush that has turned to ice any day. Such a pain to drive in or walk in. Also, I just learned that Finns spell tire with a y. I knew British people did the tyre thing, but now I know you guys do too! Us crazy Americans use an i.

    1. Yeah, such a PAIN, thankfully there wasn't too much of that this winter, but on the other hand, there wasn't that much snow either, so. I'm crying, really, this winter has been terribly snow-less.

      Haha well, I actually use both, quite irregularly too, but I think tire looks better than tyre but then again tyres look better than tires :'D and since it's not my native tongue I can make choices like that mwahahaha pffft. But yeah, in general we are taught British English in school I think, with the u's in favourite and colour etc and otherwise words that are more typical in UK than in USA. And I think, if I don't remember completely wrong, that they also try to teach us to pronounce words in the British way. Aaaand then from the TV all we hear is American English and we end up speaking and using both of them combined haha.

  2. Pistä keskelle ja sitten vielä teksti justify! Omnom!