Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day Seven

This, my friends, is my snuggly corner of snuggles. It's my throne, it's my sickbed, it's my corner of escapism and procrastination, it's where I spent most of my days. I'm not kidding, if I'm at home I'm most likely snuggled at there whether I'm using my computer, reading, watching TV or playing. Drawing I do at my desk, I've never really gotten the hang of drawing while keeping the sketchbook propped against my legs, for me it just doesn't work, I need a horizontal surface for that.

But yeah, so, I've a divan sofa - or well, just a divan, I guess, you don't need to add 'sofa' there, I think - and the corner of it is just the perfect spot to snuggle up in with my huge fleece blanket, especially since the weather is getting colder. The atmosphere in this pic with the warm glow from my Christmas lights is just perfect to reflect how comfortable I feel when I'm all snuggled up there with the blanket and I thought this could be a nice, relaxing photo for today.

Even though there IS that damn exam book in the photo too, not so relaxing anymore SNIFFLES.

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