Monday, December 9, 2013

Day Nine

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree!

It's a bit early for a live tree to be inside, or at least in our family we bring the tree in not until a few days before Christmas eve, but since I'm not going to be in Turku after next week (probably) I wanted to bring one here now. IT'S MY SUPER CUTE SUPER SMALL CHRISTMAS TREE : DD! It's so small, and so cute, a bigger one wouldn't have fit into my apartment so this was the perfect size :'D. It's not in the best place currently though, I should probably move it, but I just don't know WHERE.

Oh, and it's in a whiskey bottle :'DD not mine, my dad's! He emptied it just conveniently when I went home the last time and we discovered that it'd be a perfect pedestal for the tree, haha! I love my Christmas tree, now I just have to figure out how I'm going to give it more water without all the ornaments on it dropping.....

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