Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day Eight

The lights that were on in the second photo? Here they are now, on my wall above my bed, with my Avengers poster and noteboard and stuff. I really like how they look, I'd like to keep them on when I go to sleep but I doubt that I'd be able to fall asleep with the lights. They're really pretty though, even though not long ago I told one of my friends how I don't really like Christmas lights that have multiple colors - but for some reason I really really like this one. Maybe it depends on how they're set?

I'm kind of in a bad mood, have been the whole day and I probably will be until this one fucking exam is over. I'm so done with reading and schoolwork on the whole and urgh! I'm so done with everything at the moment. 

I'm just going to watch some more episodes from Earth's Mightiest Heroes. That at least temporarily cheers me up.

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