Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day Three

Today's photo is a bit lame, I was busy moping around and running to a choir practice to come up with a good idea for a photo.

This is basically the view from my window (obviously it's a bit wider but I only wanted to include these buildings where somebody actually live) and I thought I should take a photo now and then another near Christmas and see if and how much the amount of Christmas lights increases : D. I should take the photo a bit earlier than I did today since some people might already be sleeping, but oh well, I'll worry about that when I take the next picture. I didn't reduce the size of the photo too much so that you can actually SEE the lights that are already there. I can see... three windows that certainly have lights, all in the two upmost rows of windows. So three windows with Christmas lights (that could be a fourth, the window almost right in the middle of the picture but I'm not sure).

But uh, hopefully a more exciting photo tomorrow!

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